Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Services

Deep Drawn Technology

Transfer Press (Eyelet Machine) tooling is primarily used to produce deep drawn parts. Unlike a progressive die, the parts are transferred from station to station by "fingers" instead of a carrier strip. This saves a considerable amount of raw material and part cost as there is no need for the carrier strip. Each station has its own tooling so control of every component within each station is greatly enhanced. This makes it easier to maintain tight tolerances and make tool adjustments since the individual stations can be worked on rather than removing a whole progressive die from a press.

Often, other features such as side pierced holes, notches, coined or knife edges can be incorporated into the tooling using special "sub dies" mounted into individual stations. This saves the high cost of doing secondary operations.

Med - Hi Volume Production Runs

From Miniature to 3"
  • Close Tolerance Small Parts
  • In House Tooling Utilizing Wire EDM
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Fixed Price Contracts
  • Tooling Guaranteed for Life of Part
  • SPC, Zero Defects, JIT Deliveries
  • Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Nickel Iron, Kovar, Stainless, Steel, BeCu, Phos Bronze Metals
  • Bar Coding

Sample Products Deep Drawn Stamping

Copper Liner Stamping

For Military

A military/defense customer needed a copper liner, which we manufactured using a deep drawn stamping process. For the project detailed below, our team at Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc. used decades of metalworking expertise to provide a solution. We paid special attention to the manufacturing standards used in qualifying us as a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer.

Rectangular Drawn Housing

For Electronic Components

Connector, Relay and Sensor manufacturers rely on Volkert to produce a variety of custom housings and cans. These products are made to customer specifications and prints. This is a rectangular housing can for use in high reliability electronics.

Drawn Copper Alloy Cup

For Ordnance Applications

This is an example of a build-to-print part which Volkert produced using our transfer presses and a deep drawn stamping process. The team at Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc. built all the tooling for this project in house and manages heat treating as a value added service.