Deep Drawn Stamping

of a Copper Liner for the Military/Defense Industry

Volkert specializes in swift turnaround times and excellent quality for our deep drawn stamped copper liners. Further details about the project are listed below. Contact us for more information.

A military/defense customer needed a copper liner, which we manufactured using a deep drawn stamping process. For the project detailed below, our team at Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc. used decades of metalworking expertise to provide a solution. We paid special attention to the manufacturing standards used in qualifying us as a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer.

We used customer supplied part specifications and used 2D CAD during the design phase. For production we used a Waterbury Farrel transfer press for precise fabrication. Each copper cone liner is made of 0.040” thick copper with a diameter of 1.400” and height of 0.850”. The part was constructed in both primary and secondary processes. Statistical process control, among our other methods, was used for error reduction/elimination, guaranteeing high performing processes and output. Our advanced deep drawn stamping allowed for stringent tolerances including concentricity within ± 0.001”. Using deep drawn stamping minimizes waste and strengthens the metal's structure for stronger part production. We make over half a million of these parts annually.

Highlights of Deep Drawn Stamping Copper Project

Product Description

This is a component for a 40mm Projectile

Press Type


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Waterbury Farrell Transfer Press

Overall Part Dimensions

Diameter: Ø 1.400” Height: 0.850”

Tightest Tolerances

Concentricity within 0.001”

Material Used

Copper - Material Thickness: 0.040”

Material Finish

Tumbled Smooth and Bright

Additional Facts

Stamping Features: Cam Actuated Side Slotting Special Feature: With Desiccants to Prevent Corrosion

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection, Patrol Inspection, Statistical Process Control

Industry for Use



600,000+ per Year

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 Weeks

Why did you choose this project to show case?

Military Part. Deep Drawn, SPC Capabilities